Venue 188: Sweet Novotel

Shows at this venue in 2018

Better. Image shows from L to R: Pauline Eyre, Annie Marrs.


  • Stand-up
  • 5
  • 3-12 Aug 2018

Two Women. One Objective. To work out who has it Better. Rebecca is floundering through her 30s, attempting to balance...   Full listing

Bendy House Improv. Image shows from L to R: Danny O'Hara, Chris Read.
Sameena Zehra: Existerhood. Sameena Zehra.
Made in Spain. Sonia Aste.

Made in Spain

  • Stand-up
  • PWYW
  • 3-5, 7-12, 14-19 & 21-26 Aug 2018

Sonia Aste is a Spaniard living in the UK who insists it's not all fiesta and siesta! We get miserable...   Full listing

Westminster Hour.

Westminster Hour

  • Play / satire
  • 10
  • 3-18 & 20-26 Aug 2018

Fatal consequences in this fast-paced and darkly comedic drama with unexpected twists. On the evening Home Secretary Archie Cornwall celebrates...   Full listing

Daphna Baram: Sugarcoating. Daphna Baram.

Daphna Baram: Sugarcoating

  • Stand-up
  • 7
  • 2-7, 9-14, 16-21 & 23-25 Aug 2018

A Middle Eastern Mary Poppins gets type 2 diabetes from her spoonful of sugar, and gets told to lose weight...   Full listing

Allan Havey Stands Up. Allan Havey.

Allan Havey Stands Up

  • Stand-up
  • 9
  • 2-13 & 15-26 Aug 2018

You've seen him in Mad Men, you've seen him in Billions, you've seen him in Hail Caesar! Now see why...   Full listing

Sex, Drugs and a Cup of Tea.

Sex, Drugs and a Cup of Tea

  • Play
  • 8
  • 2-4, 6-21 & 23-26 Aug 2018

Sex, drugs, and tea make the world go round for four young flatmates. A Shrek-related drinking game, no clean dishes,...   Full listing