Sam Nicoresti's Bedtime

Sam Nicoresti's Bedtime. Sam Nicoresti.

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Comedy starring Sam Nicoresti that was performed at Black Medicine Basement at 8:15pm for 45 minutes, on the following days in August 2018.


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Black Medicine Basement (Venue 503)


This show operates under the Pay What You Want (PWYW) model. To guarantee entry, buy a ticket in advance. Tickets holders will be seated first. Then, if there is still space, the free queue will be let in. At the end, anyone who didn't pay will be asked to leave a donation in a bucket.

The hypnopompic boy king slam-dunks a sleepover-themed show so hard the hoop disintegrates. Comedy PR is 50% meretricious fighting talk, 50% photoshoot: so move over everyone - there's a new confident cop in the dreamery. The jokes'll be lucid and respectful. Bring your favoured son for a special reward, but keep the noise down because dad's upstairs napping. I'm one half of Sam & Tom (Leicester Square Sketch Off Finalists 2018) and as part of Staple/face I won SYTTF? Best New Sketch Act 2013. I've no quotes so feel free to come review it (but phone ahead).


Press coverage

This show was nominated in The Comedy Poster Awards 2018