Max and Ivan's Prom Night

Max and Ivan's Prom Night.

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Comedy starring Marcus Brigstocke, Dara O Briain, Nina Conti, Dan Skinner, Max Olesker, Jason Byrne, Adam Riches, Kieran Hodgson, Ivan Gonzalez, Rachel Parris and 2 more that was performed at Assembly High at 9pm for 240 minutes, on the following days in August 2018.


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Assembly High (Venue 540)


As a guide, tickets cost £16. To book visit the official Fringe website or contact the venue:

You are invited to a real-life, late-night, end-of-Fringe prom! So dress up fancy, get your dad to drop you off at Assembly High - the only high school inhabited by all your favourite comedians - and come and party like it's 1955! (Or, if you subscribe to the obscure fundamentalist beliefs of science teacher Mrs Jefferies, 1643.) Featuring: live rock'n'roll, dancing 'til late, irresponsibly strong punch, and good old fashioned makin' out. Dress code: 50s prom realness. An epic, one-night-only spectacular from the creators of Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning supershow The Wrestling: 'Genius' (Times).


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