2018 Edinburgh Fringe

Andrew Sim: You Gotta Find Joy

  • Comedy (stand-up)
  • 12pm (55 mins)
  • 2-14 & 16-26 Aug
  • City Café (Nineties)
  • Free
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85: City Café
Room: Nineties

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Free Festival


Andrew Sim

Bringing his first solo show to the Fringe with a combination of storytelling, songs and surreal improvisations, Andrew Sim intends to liberate you from overthinking and explore the elusive subject of joy. Every day will have one of Andrew's comedy friends as an opening act before his 45 minutes of pure energy and stupidity. 'Relentlessly self-aware... cause of genuine hilarity!' (BroadwayBaby.com). 'The sheer energy and pure boldness of this performer ensures the enjoyment of the audience' (Student Newspaper).

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Exciting Scottish comic brings joy to the Fringe

Bursting with upbeat charm, effervescent comedian Andrew Sim brings his first 45 minutes to the Edinburgh Fringe. Sim promises an exuberant experience which takes on the elusive subject of joy. His travels around America, family trauma, and exploration of his own pansexual identity provide the backdrop for a show that looks for happiness and laughter everywhere.

Sim's wit and enthusiasm presents a beautiful show full of laughs and thoughtful stupidity. Injecting some much needed happiness into the comedy world, Sim's uplifting songs, improvisations and story-telling make his first solo-show a vital viewing this Fringe Festival. Energetic, joyous and hilarious, he bucks the trend in dour humour often associated with Scottish comedy and instead presents something more hopeful even when tackling dark topics.

An introduction to one of the most exciting young minds in comedy Andrew Sim has performed all over the world, and been at the forefront of some of the most exciting new international comedy events, including the launch of the brand new Icelandic comedy festival in 2017. Sim has been performing comedy since 2012 and has also run experimental comedy workshops in Edinburgh. Sim will be joined by a different friend opening the show each day.


'Relentlessly self-aware... cause of genuine hilarity!' (BroadwayBaby.com).

'The sheer energy and pure boldness of this performer ensures the enjoyment of the audience' (Student Newspaper).


Date Time Venue
2nd Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
3rd Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
4th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
5th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
6th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
7th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
8th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
9th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
10th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
11th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
12th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
13th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
14th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
16th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
17th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
18th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
19th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
20th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
21st Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
22nd Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
23rd Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
24th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
25th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)
26th Aug 12:00 City Café (Nineties)

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