An A To Z of Fish & Chips with Some Jokes

An A To Z of Fish & Chips with Some Jokes.

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Comedy that was performed at The Clootie Dumpling at 12:15pm for 50 minutes, on the following days in August 2018.


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Venue details

The Clootie Dumpling (Venue 545)


This show is free to watch (there may be a donations bucket at the end). There are no tickets, so for popular shows you should arrive early to ensure entry.

Brochure note

This show is not listed in the official Fringe programme so you may not find details elsewhere.

There's plenty to take-away from this fishually stimulating multimedia celebration of Great British Fish & Chips. This is deep-fried infotainment with a sprinkling of pure codmedy. Delivered fresh each day, you'll come away hungry for more, catch it if you can. WARNING: may contain skeletons, fishy tales and scenes of a salt & battery.