Venue 12: The Stand Comedy Club III, IV


Across the road from the original venue; Stand I, Stand III is a superb large theatre space with its own bar, and Stand IV an intimate studio with exciting Fringe debuts. Venues accessible through courtyard at basement level.

Shows at this venue in 2017



  • 8
  • Noon (1 hour)
  • 3-20 Aug 2017

Kidocracy is an interactive comedy show for children aged 6+, presented by Brehon, an ancient Irish know-it-all who's in charge...   Full listing

Phill Jupitus Up the Stand. Phill Jupitus.

Phill Jupitus Up the Stand

  • Stand-up
  • 12
  • 4:30pm (1 hour)
  • 3-13, 15-27 Aug 2017

So, it's August in one of the greatest cities in the world and one of the biggest arts festivals. The...   Full listing

Louise Reay: Hard Mode. Louise Reay.

Louise Reay: Hard Mode

  • Stand-up
  • 8
  • 5:55pm (1 hour)
  • 2-13, 15-27 Aug 2017

Imagine how you'd act if you were always being watched? Imagine if you couldn't speak freely? Imagine if the Chinese...   Full listing

The Best of Irish Comedy.

The Best of Irish Comedy

  • Stand-up
  • 12
  • 6pm (70 mins)
  • 3-27 Aug 2017

Ireland's finest under one roof. Excellent value Celtic showcase featuring four top comics for the price of one. Fringe institution...   Full listing

Alun Cochrane: Alunish Cochranish. Alun Cochrane.

Alun Cochrane: Alunish Cochranish

  • Stand-up
  • 12
  • 7:40pm (1 hour)
  • 4-13, 15-27 Aug 2017

Grumpy-joyful, silly-serious stand-up. Jokes, ideas and (possibly) movement will all be deployed for your amusement during this show. As seen...   Full listing

Bob Doolally's Load of Old Balls. Paul Sneddon.

Bob Doolally's Load of Old Balls

  • Stand-up / storytelling
  • 12
  • 9:10pm (1 hour)
  • 21 & 22 Aug 2017

The legendary retired football manager turned alcoholic pundit from hell is back with a show to commemorate the 50th anniversary...   Full listing

Standard Issue Stands Up. Sarah Millican.

Standard Issue Stands Up

  • Stand-up
  • 12
  • 9:10pm (1 hour)
  • 14 & 15 Aug 2017

Standard Issue Stands Up: The sharp and witty women's magazine knows a truckload of funny broads. It makes sense to...   Full listing

LOLympics Live 2017.

LOLympics Live 2017

  • Stand-up
  • 12
  • 10:30pm (1 hour)
  • 4-13, 15-27 Aug 2017

LOLympics is back for the sixth year. LOLymipcs is an international stand-up showcase based loosely on the Olympic games. Martin...   Full listing

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