Who, Me

Who, Me. Rob Lloyd.

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Storytelling starring Rob Lloyd that was performed at Gilded Balloon at Rose Theatre at 8:15pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2017.


'First up, David Tennant, if you're reading this, you look exactly like Rob Lloyd!' (Skinny). 'A great show' (Terrance Dicks, Script Editor of Doctor Who 1969 to 1974). 'A truly funny man' (Katy Manning: Jo Grant, Doctor Who 1971 to 1973). Doctor Who is about to face his greatest challenge: his number one fan. Rob Lloyd (BBC America's Doctor Who: Earth Conquest) is putting The Doctor on trial. Is Doctor Who (the TV show) guilty of inciting in Rob a debilitating obsession, or has it shaped him into a well-rounded, mentally sound member of society?


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