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Balamory Doubtfire

Balamory Doubtfire. Martha McBrier.

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Storytelling starring Martha McBrier that will be performed at Finnegan's Wake at 5pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2017.


Why give, only to get kicked in the teeth? Is that saft (soft) or daft? This is the story about the limits of one woman's kindness. 'Glorious' ***** (Scotsman). 'A naturally charismatic storyteller **** (Fest). Life isn't fair, but when goody two shoes McBrier was the victim of false accusations, she came close to losing her faith in humanity. Then a health scare fills her with regret. How did wind instruments and reptiles help her cope? 'A knack for funny storytelling' **** ( 'Funny like Chic Murray was funny' (Scotsman).

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