Jon Pointing: Act Natural

Jon Pointing: Act Natural. Jon Pointing.

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Character starring Jon Pointing that was performed at Pleasance Courtyard at 7:15pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2017.


In this much anticipated debut show, Jon Pointing presents Cayden Hunter, an actor who will demonstrate the importance of selflessness and sharing through this (non-participatory) workshop. 'Keenly observed and impeccably performed' **** ( As seen on BBC Three's Pls Like. 2017 Recommended

If you want to see a masterclass in acting, we're not sure where you should go. But if you want to see a masterclass in parodying a masterclass in acting, Jon Pointing (as Cayden Hunter) is your man. It's hard not to think 'David Brent' at times, but this is a show that's clearly been finely tuned over time and is perfectly executed.

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