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Dave's Edinburgh jokes make appearance on Pointless

A number of jokes told by comedians at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival have appeared on an edition of BBC quiz Pointless.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 27th December 2017

How to think up a title for your very first Fringe show

First of all, think of it not from your viewpoint but from the viewpoint of the punters and the reviewers. In my opinion, you should have a title which starts in the first half of the alphabet.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 20th December 2017

Fringe Dog's 2017 Christmas message

A traditional Christmas address given by comedy journalist Fringe Dog, with a story that shows friendship can be found in the most unlikely places.

Fringe Dog, The Skinny, 11th December 2017

Comedians say faces used in Canada artwork are theirs

UK comedians say it is no joke that their faces, initially featured in an Edinburgh Festival brochure, are being used in an art installation in Canada.

Emma Harrison, BBC, 29th November 2017

Mark Thomas investigates the NHS

Comedian Mark Thomas is currently performing one show and is touring a new show early next year, but is already working on his next major show which will premiere at the Traverse Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in summer 2018.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 25th November 2017

Worbey & Farrell won't be playing the Edinburgh Fringe

Steven Worbey and Kevin Farrell met while studying at the Royal College of Music. They formed their Katzenjammer act in 2003. Their 'hook' was that they play the same piano simultaneously - a 'four hands, one piano' musical act.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 25th November 2017

A fancy man at the Fringe confused by English language

Katsura Sunshine lives half his year in Tokyo and half in Camden Town in London. He always wears a kimono in the street and, usually, a bowler hat.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 10th October 2017

Physical effects of the Fringe on comics a week later

I got home from four weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe exactly a week ago. The Fringe runs for 3½ weeks.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 5th September 2017

Are Edinburgh Fringe reviewers sexist?

Some Edinburgh Fringe reviewers are demonstrably biased against female comedians, one blogger has claimed.

Chortle, 5th September 2017

Awards designer confesses 1980s transvestite activities

While in the introverted Edinburgh Fringe bubble, I missed last week's BBC News report that Ludlow Hospital had "turned down a £2,500 donation from a group of men dressed up as nurses after bosses said the outfits were demeaning".

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 30th August 2017

Yianni lands Ozzie TV special

Yianni Agisilaou's Edinburgh Fringe show is to be made into a TV stand-up special for Australia's ABC network.

Chortle, 29th August 2017

Fringe diary - comedian and clown Nathan Lang

As the Fringe draws to a close we thought we'd leave you with one final Fringe Diary, as Nathan Lang gives us a dose of his Fringe mayhem!
Here's Nathan's account.

Alex Wood, Theatre Bubble, 28th August 2017

Record numbers attend Edinburgh Festival Fringe

A record number of people attended this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

BBC, 28th August 2017

Pleasance claims a record year for ticket sales

The Pleasance has claimed a record year for ticket sales at the Fringe, with box office takings up five per cent on 2016.

Chortle, 28th August 2017

Old fart's guide: Saying farewell to the Fringe

The final curtain has fallen and the party is officially over. So, what have we learned? Chris Bratt closes out his survival guide for the annual Edinburgh event with some parting advice.

Chris Bratt, The Independent, 28th August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe, day 26

To feel that tranquility amidst the Fringe adrenaline.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 27th August 2017

The Wee Review Award winners

The winners have been announced for the 2nd Wee Review Fringe Awards.

Robert Peacock, The Wee Review, 27th August 2017

Three To See on 28 Aug

Three recommended shows to see on Monday 28 Aug...

ThreeWeeks, 27th August 2017

Kate Copstick's diary: Eck the Entertainer

Last week we welcomed Alex Salmond to Slaughtered at the Abattoir bar. He was drinking a bespoke non-alcoholic cocktail, FYI.

Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, 27th August 2017

Go with the flow to unearth comedy gold at the Fringe

Sometimes you get the best out of the Fringe simply by going with the flow. Peter Buckley Hill's Free Fringe and everything that came in its wake means that we have the opportunity to dip toes in comedy waters all across the city without drowning financially.

Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, 27th August 2017

Jack Barry's perfect playlist

'If I only had 10 seconds to live I would pretend to be Lord Flashheart'

Jack Barry, Chortle, 27th August 2017

What are your plans for after the Fringe?

Not long now...

Chortle, 27th August 2017

Reviewer review: Frodo Allan (Broadway Baby)

In any case he needs to edit his own stuff because I'm sure the only thing the editors of Broadway Baby ever check is their Snapchat and the wet patch behind their ears.

Billy Coconuts, FringePig, 27th August 2017

Reviewer review: Tamsin Bracher (EdFringe Review)

There have been some apocalyptically dodgy wearers of the REVIEWER T-shirt in the past, but Tamsin Bracher isn't one of them.

Becky Walker's Panda, FringePig, 27th August 2017

The Edinburgh Comedy Awards: Sophie Willan

Nominee Sophie Willan makes serious, nuanced points, yet keeps the mood buoyant.

Dominic Maxwell, The Times, 26th August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe, day 25

Comedy reviews, surrealism, nudity and politics.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 26th August 2017

Three To See on 27 Aug

Three recommended shows to see on Sunday 27 Aug...

ThreeWeeks, 26th August 2017

Edinburgh festival 2017 - in pictures

Moon dances, chaotic comedy and a hymn to envy.

Murdo MacLeod, The Guardian, 26th August 2017

We present the ThreeWeeks Editors' Awards 2017

Here we run through all the winners...

ThreeWeeks, 26th August 2017

The Wee Review Award nominations

Our nominees announced for this year's awards.

Robert Peacock, The Wee Review, 26th August 2017

What will the 100th Fringe look like in 2047?

Edinburgh comedians stare at their crystal balls.

Chortle, 26th August 2017

Comics complain of comedy industry's failings

The Fringe wouldn't be the Fringe without comedians complaining about the state of the industry. Now several of them have lined up to slam the comedy world for being too politically correct.

Chortle, 26th August 2017

Abigoliah Schamaun's perfect playlist

'Oh this shall be a naughty caprice!'

Abigoliah Schamaun, Chortle, 26th August 2017

Reviewer review: Laura Pujos

Nobody could accuse Pujos of being dismissive about what she sees. Bloody hell no. She attends comedy shows as if she's been asked to take notes for a Hague War Crimes tribunal; presenting each point before cross-examining it and (usually) finding it guilty of something.

Edmund Rumania, FringePig, 26th August 2017

Reviewer review: Jonny Sweet (The Wee Review)

Sweet needs to bring that sense of alacrity to all the stuff he writes and - I can't believe I'm saying this in Fringepig - not be so afraid to say when something's not as good as it ought to be.

Becky Walker's Panda, FringePig, 26th August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe: The comics taking on Trump

In Edinburgh, this is the final hectic weekend of the annual Festival Fringe.

Vincent Dowd, BBC, 26th August 2017

A Pleasance surprise

Joseph Morpurgo's Hammerhead has been voted the best comedy show at the Pleasance this Fringe - by all the other performers at the venue.

Chortle, 25th August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe, day 24: Malcolm Hardee comedy awards

The final increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards Show took place in the ballroom of Edinburgh's Counting House.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 25th August 2017

Adventures in Edinburgh Fringe flyering

Comedian Ellen Waddell took our flyerer-at-large Emma O'Brien on a jaunt to shows us the secret life of flyering.

Emma O'Brien, The Skinny, 25th August 2017

Quick quiz: Daniel Cainer

Today we hear from another of our past ThreeWeeks Editors' Award winners, musician and storyteller Daniel Cainer.

ThreeWeeks, 25th August 2017

Three To See on 26 Aug

Three recommended shows to see on Saturday 26 Aug...

ThreeWeeks, 25th August 2017

Fag/Stag wins Scotsman Fringe First Award

Fag/Stag, presented by Underbelly and The Last Great Hunt, has won a prestigious Scotsman Fringe First Award.

Theatre Weekly, 25th August 2017

How liberal Edinburgh comics are panning PC

A new wave of comedians probing faults in leftwing politics provoke a crucial debate, but does their exaggerated antagonism hamper the cause?

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 25th August 2017

Laugh Out London's Edinburgh Fringe comedy awards 2017

It's that time again. The fringe is almost over. The pubs of Edinburgh can go back to being pubs, Lee Nelson's face can stop blocking the view of Edinburgh Castle and the Edinburgh recycling plant will be busy turning flyers into mulch. So without further a do lets give out the least prestigious awards of the year, the Laugh Out London Comedy awards (or the LOLies)...

Laugh Out London, 25th August 2017

Princes Of Main recall their unforgettable five gigs

'The promoter wanted us to start wrestling'

Princes Of Main, Chortle, 25th August 2017

Why Fringe comics don't care about May, Trump & Brexit

In a sweaty Edinburgh cellar a bearded young comedian is telling us about the joys of deciding to stop being left-wing for a while. It is, we assume,
a joke. After all, the comedian concerned, Fin Taylor, spent his previous Edinburgh hour, Whitey McWhiteface, lecturing us about the woes of white privilege, albeit while owning up to being one of its beneficiaries. This is just another ironic pose, right, the precursor to some dismissive material about the usual baddies - Brexit, May and Trump?

Dominic Maxwell, The Times, 25th August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe 2017: Terrier Awards

Unsurpassable comedy critic Fringe Dog announces the winners of the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Terrier Awards.

Fringe Dog, The Skinny, 25th August 2017

Who is the unsung hero of the Fringe and why?

Some people are just about to get a little less unsung...

Chortle, 25th August 2017

Ashley Storrie's perfect playlist

'One of the funniest, most brilliant pieces of anything committed to film'

Ashley Storrie, Chortle, 25th August 2017

Edinburgh festival spotlight: Trashed

I caught up with director and actor David William Bryan.

Daniel Perks, Daniel Perks, 25th August 2017

The Old Fart's festival guide: Last chances

Time marches on: with just two days to go, Chris Bratt continutes his oldies' guide to the Fringe as he stumbles upon Baden Powell, Caravaggio and some frankly mystifying comedy.

Chris Bratt, The Independent, 25th August 2017

Edinburgh Festival spotlight: Dumbstruck

I caught up with writer and actor Sam Goodburn.

Daniel Perks, Daniel Perks, 25th August 2017

Some of the best Brexit gags from Edinburgh Fringe

Leaving the EU is not an inherently humorous topic but as the saying goes 'if you don't laugh, you'll cry'. Here John Nicholson rounds up some of the best Brexit gags from Edinburgh Fringe.

John Nicholson, The New European, 24th August 2017

Poo-pooing the thesps

Where is that awful stench of not-proper comedy coming from? From a theatre near you, says Nathan Cassidy.

Nathan Cassidy, FringePig, 24th August 2017

7 sensible questions: Phil Ellis

He is comedy's first prince of carefully-crafted amateurism. Here he talks to our stuffed monkey.

FringePig, 24th August 2017

Circuit Bunny: 5 star stuffed bell end

Photo comic strip.

FringePig, 24th August 2017

Alex Salmond 'roasted' by Trump impersonator at show

Alex Salmond's attempts to ridicule Donald Trump in a special edition of his Edinburgh festival fringe show last night saw the former First Minister upstaged by a pitch perfect impersonation of the US president.

Tom Peterkin, Edinburgh Evening News, 24th August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe day 23

A takeover bid for the Malcolm Hardee Awards.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 24th August 2017

An interview with Luke Nowell

Luke Nowell interview.

Mumble Comedy, 24th August 2017

What would be your fantasy sketch quartet?

Comics pick four performers past or present to make the team.

Chortle, 24th August 2017

Micky Bartlett's inforgettable five

'A woman sang Halo by Beyonce through a tracheotomy hole'

Mickey Bartlett, Chortle, 24th August 2017

Chris Martin's perfect playlist

'He sounds like a hipster shaman'

Chris Martin, Chortle, 24th August 2017

+3 interview: Juan Vesuvius: I am Your Deejay

"The story is autobiographical and it does what it says on the tin. I have been telling these anecdotes in the pub for years."

Dan Lentell, Edinburgh49, 24th August 2017

Mervyn Stutter's Spirit of the Fringe winners announced

Mervyn Stutter's Spirit of the Fringe Winners have been announced today.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 24th August 2017

Comedy bus is just the ticket at the Fringe

A comedian stumbled upon a career as a promoter and that is taking him to festivals all over the country.

Dave Waller, The Times, 24th August 2017

Festival feature: Ryan Lane & Elf Lyons

Ashling Findlay-Carroll speaks with the creators of Hilda & the Spectrum.

Ashling Findlay-Carroll, Across The Arts, 24th August 2017

Interview: Sean Kelly @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Kelly opens up about Storage Hunters, Edinburgh Fringe and his forthcoming UK tour with Green Mile and T-Money.

Ben Tipple, Ticketmaster, 23rd August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe day 22

Psychopath viciousness v Malcolm Hardee Awards

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 23rd August 2017

Voice's pick of the Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Each Fringe, we see well over 150 shows from across art forms and venues, free and paid-for. After each one, we pool our thoughts and award the best we saw. Congratulations to this year's thirteen winners.

Voice Magazine, 23rd August 2017

Publication review: The Wee Review

The Wee Review used to be TV Bomb. It is a review site whose title is in the Scots diminutive but which could just as much refer to the litres of hot steaming micturition this site is wont to point at things it really, really takes exception to.

Mister Kipper, FringePig, 23rd August 2017

Reviewer review: Rowena McIntosh (The List)

So it seems that McIntosh is much, much too fussy, and a bit mean with it. But she's still pretty good.

Business Leopard, FringePig, 23rd August 2017

Reviewer review: Paul Whitelaw (The Scotsman)

Whitelaw is best understood not as a writer but as an attendant detail; a sort of maggot that will provide forensic colour to anyone in the future who cares to study the pathological decline and suicide of a once-great newspaper.

Edmund Rumania, FringePig, 23rd August 2017

Three to see on 24 Aug

Three recommended shows to see on Thursday 24 Aug...

ThreeWeeks, 23rd August 2017

Don't miss our Funny Women Fest

We can't believe this year's Edinburgh Fringe is coming to an end! Every lunch time for the month of August we have been at the Gilded Balloon Teviot for Funny Women Fest with a different set of fabulously funny women, entertaining you all with comedy and chat. All the while raising money and collecting sanitary products from our audience to help erase period poverty in Scotland.

Funny Women, 23rd August 2017

Chris Martin on his unforgettable five gigs

I've gigged in a weed dispensary.

Chris Martin, Chortle, 23rd August 2017

What one thing would you change about the Fringe?

Comedians' plans to revamp Edinburgh.

Chortle, 23rd August 2017

Tom Lucy picks his perfect playlist

'Michael McIntyre inspired me to be a comedian'

Tom Lucy, Chortle, 23rd August 2017

9 things to know about the Edinburgh Comedy Awards

1) It's not a fix. Every year there are conspiracy theories about what the Edinburgh Comedy Awards panel members are looking for. You need to be a thin white male wearing tight trousers. It's all about clowning this year. They need to give the award to a woman. The big PR people and the big producers already have the whole thing sewn up. Everyone in the industry already knows who is going to win.

Claire Smith, The Scotsman, 23rd August 2017

Eau no not again

The Edinburgh Fringe is all about the winning, not the taking part says Margo Terraces.

Margo Terraces, FringePig, 23rd August 2017

Can't give it away

Flyerers! The fact that a show is free is not its main attraction, says Yianni Agisilaou.

Yianni Agislaou, FringePig, 23rd August 2017

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