The Daddy and Beeje Chat Show

The Daddy and Beeje Chat Show. Image shows from L to R: Karen Hobbs, Sam Lake.

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Sketch show starring Sam Lake and Karen Hobbs performed on the following days in August 2017...

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Daddy and Beeje, two self-absorbed, dysfunctional TV presenters, are getting ready for their live chat show. This tacky spectacle is a tale of two halves. Part one is a calamitous backstage tour of the TV studio, where you will meet a selection of awkward characters. Part two is a playfully scathing chat show, in which this pair of fame-hungry, attention-seeking "stars" interview different guests from around the Fringe every day, whilst battling for the limelight. This section will be recorded live and available as a 20-minute podcast the next morning.

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Person Role
Sam Lake Self
Karen Hobbs Self