You Tweet My Face Space

You Tweet My Face Space.

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Play starring Evan Rees, Tom Hartwell, Megan King, Conor Cook, Katie Dalzell, Melanie Ebanks, Matthew Gilman, Isabel Patterson, Hadley Smith and Elizabeth Stretton performed on the following days in August 2016...

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A new satirical comedy that captures the modern day obsession with social media. When a controversial photo appears online, Facebook, Twitter and others rally around David who struggles to fight against the power of procrastination. 'Phenomenal' ***** ( 'It was hard to breathe while laughing so much' ***** ( 'Nothing short of stunning' **** ( 'An amusing and thought-provoking hour of entertainment' ( 'Absolutely hilarious' **** (

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After sell-out shows at the West End and Camden Fringe, You Tweet My Face Space now makes its Edinburgh Fringe debut. Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts graduates from all over the U.K (and the Cayman Islands) come together in this highly entertaining and chaotic comedy with a relatable and current social media twist.

You Tweet My Face Space is a satirical comedy that captures the modern day obsession with social media and the consequences of having your entire life in the public domain.

Set in a London flat, Dave's relationship with Charlotte comes crashing down when a controversial photo appears online. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Hotmail, Tinder and even FarmVille show up one after another to help - but ultimately end up making things much worse. Caught in the middle of this fray, Dave must overcome his fear of committing to something real and face the reality that his procrastination is costing him the love of his life.

The play was first developed by the company whilst in training at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. Since graduating last year they have continuously developed and evolved the production. The company's aims are to bring the reality of our virtual world to the forefront of everybody's mind, to entertain whilst exposing the truth about our modern day habits and to make people more aware of how much we depend on social networking to communicate with each other.


Matt - Conor Cook
FarmVille - Katie Dalzell
Tinder - Melanie Ebanks
YouTube - Matthew Gilman
David - Tom Hartwell
Charlotte - Megan King
Snapchat - Isabel Patterson
Facebook - Evan Rees
Hotmail - Hadley Smith
Instagram - Elizabeth Stretton



Person Role
Tom Hartwell Self
Megan King Self
Conor Cook Self
Katie Dalzell Self
Melanie Ebanks Self
Matthew Gilman Self
Isabel Patterson Self
Evan Rees Self
Hadley Smith Self
Elizabeth Stretton Self