Venue 272: The Free Sisters

Shows at this venue in 2016



  • Clown
  • Free
  • 4-16, 19-21, 23-25 & 27-29 Aug 2016

STV's Best Children's Shows, Edinburgh 2015. A big, bonkers blast of fun with super-duo Cat (Bubbles the Spot Bots Mermaid,...   Full listing

Balloonatics. Chris Henry.


  • Variety
  • Free
  • 1-14, 16-21 & 23-28 Aug 2016

High energy chaos, with balloons and lots of laughs for the whole family. This show is only for people who...   Full listing

Vis a Vis.

Vis a Vis

  • Sketch show
  • Free
  • 4-9 & 11-15 Aug 2016

Why can't they make delicious vegetables? Would a slide be better than my stairs? Who invented the zip? When can...   Full listing

Huggers (Free Festival).

Huggers (Free Festival)

  • Variety
  • Free
  • 1-28 Aug 2016

The hugely enjoyable and popular show returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for its sixth successive year. With a revolving...   Full listing

Beautiful Ducks.

Beautiful Ducks

  • Free
  • 4-5, 8, 11-12, 15, 18-19, 22 & 25-26 Aug 2016

Beautiful Ducks is a comedy show loosely based on the infamous book of the same name by renowned duck fancier...   Full listing

Alcohol is Good for You. Sam Kissajukian.

Alcohol is Good for You

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 4-14 & 17-28 Aug 2016

Nominated for Best Comedy at Fringe World 2016. This Australian comedian has been crushing stand-up as of late. So, come...   Full listing

Nathan Cassidy: 42.
Chris Henry: Chris' World. Chris Henry.

Chris Henry: Chris' World

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 5-14, 16-21 & 23-28 Aug 2016

After a tour of Australia which included being nominated for the Perth Fringe Comedy award, this Scottish comedian of the...   Full listing

Shaggers (Free Festival).

Shaggers (Free Festival)

  • Stand-up / storytelling
  • Free
  • 1-2 & 4-28 Aug 2016

Following sell-out shows in Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, Singapore, Germany and all over the UK, the hugely popular and hilarious show...   Full listing

Robom and Goremorrah.

Robom and Goremorrah

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 4-28 Aug 2016

The two most award-winningest comedians at the Fringe ever (probably) being really funny in a tent for free (bring money)....   Full listing

Hate 'n' Live.

Hate 'n' Live

  • Free
  • 4-27 Aug 2016

The smash-hit show returns for a third year, with top TV comedians - aka the Gladi-Haters - improvising rants on...   Full listing

Sameer Khan: At the Zoo. Sameer Khan.

Sameer Khan: At the Zoo

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 4-28 Aug 2016

Tired of watching middle-class white males try to be funny? Come watch a middle-class brown male (who grew up in...   Full listing

Panicky Tack.

Panicky Tack

  • Music / improv
  • Free
  • 4-28 Aug 2016

Panicky Tack bring you musical comedy, but not as you (or they) know it. All of the songs are craftily...   Full listing