Adele and Tom's First Birthday Party!

Adele and Tom's First Birthday Party!. Image shows from L to R: Adele Cliff, Tom Mayhew.

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Stand-up show starring Adele Cliff and Tom Mayhew performed on the following days in August 2016...

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Adele Cliff and Tom Mayhew are hosting a joint party and don't want to be alone. Join them and a different special guest each day. Expect jokes, hats and games. All the fun of a children's party, with none of the children. Party hats included! But who are the hosts of this fabulous do? Adele's one-liners have gained her fans across the globe (the UK section of it), and she also has nice jumpers. Tom has found his public displays of social awkwardness have been well received by humans, empty seats and various reptiles.

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