Venue 332: Moriarty's

Shows at this venue in 2015

Cat Loud's Big Night In.

Cat Loud's Big Night In

  • Music
  • Free
  • 6-16 & 18-30 Aug 2015

Aspiring diva Cat Loud makes the move from her childhood home on a Scottish island to the big city, seeking...   Full listing

48 Minutes / Free Festival. Image shows from L to R: Ben Shannon, Mike Reed. Copyright: Anglia TV.

48 Minutes / Free Festival

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 6-30 Aug 2015

#48Mins. Two acts, free entry, 48 minutes. Join @BenShabba and @Mike_Reed_Welsh, two stand-up comedians, both performing a 20-25 minute set....   Full listing

Mimi Goes East. Hanna Varszegi.

Mimi Goes East

  • Play
  • Free
  • 6-9, 11-16, 18-23 & 25-30 Aug 2015

One man's struggles to come to terms with growing up, trying to get laid, and have a good night out...   Full listing