Venue 2: Fringe Central

Shows at this venue in 2015

How to Tour Your Show.

How to Tour Your Show

  • Free
  • 12 & 19 Aug 2015

A common objective for artists participating in the Fringe is to create touring opportunities for their work. This event will...   Full listing

How to Sell Your Show.

How to Sell Your Show

  • Free
  • 6 & 13 Aug 2015

Meet PR and media insiders: tips on everything from social networking and contacting reviewers to increasing audience numbers. Led by...   Full listing

Does Age Matter?.

Does Age Matter?

  • Free
  • 22 Aug 2015

Is comedy just for young people? Are we overcoming misogyny to confront a new breed of ageism? Given that there...   Full listing

No Balls Please!.

No Balls Please!

  • Free
  • 23 Aug 2015

A fun and lively discussion about the competitive female spirit. Joined by a brilliant panel of comedians and sports women...   Full listing