The Seuss Odyssey

The Seuss Odyssey.

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Theatre starring Anna Benedict, Sophia Goodin, Ashley Zoeckler, Josh Medina, Gabriella Campbell, Christina Robinson, Mira Kalmey, Isabella Navarro, Annie Chen, Elise Zimmerman and 13 more performed on the following days in August 2015...

Show on 9th Aug on at 17.20.

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Not in the mood for homework? Let our narrators take you on a literary journey, and watch as Homer's Odyssey is transformed into the style of Dr Seuss. Complete with a singing Cyclops, the demise of suitors acted out with teddy bears, and the sorceress Circe serving up crew members with a side of green eggs, The Seuss Odyssey is a hilarious and speedy reimagining of the classic epic. Don Zolidis's The Seuss Odyssey is not affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by Dr Seuss Enterprises.

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Person Role
Anna Benedict Self
Sophia Goodin Self
Ashley Zoeckler Self
Josh Medina Self
Gabriella Campbell Self
Christina Robinson Self
Mira Kalmey Self
Isabella Navarro Self
Annie Chen Self
Elise Zimmerman Self
Josh Barri Self
Maija Burrall Self
Nina Donville Self
Lucas Grenda Self
Brian Seo Self
Elizabeth Van Gieson Self
Julianna Yonis Self
Kayla Vokolek Self
Brandon Halvorsen Self
Ethan Pearson Self
Razmon Mohammadi Self
Austin Kelly Self
Leah Whang Self