Simon Munnery's Fylm School

  • Variety
  • 7:40pm (1 hour)
  • 6-16 & 18-31 Aug 2015
  • Heroes @ The Hive
  • Free entry (Pay What You Want) / £5
Simon Munnery's Fylm School.

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Variety starring Simon Munnery performed on the following days in August 2015...

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Comedy meets maverick cinema as Simon Munnery - 'one of the funniest, most original comedians of the past twenty years' (Guardian) - introduces the Fringe's finest, most daring comedians to a camera, projector and screen. Different special guests join Simon daily in this hit, monthly London night - see online for line-ups. 'Surreal, whimsical and always inexplicably hilarious, this innovative show proves that there's more to comedy than one man and a microphone' ***** (ThreeWeeks). 'It's a lot of fun' (Time Out).

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Where comedy meets maverick cinema.

Taking a break from its monthly residency at London's Soho Theatre, Simon Munnery's unique comedy show ventures north of the border for a full run at the Fringe. Simon plays role of host and fylm director, introducing top-name special guests every evening to a camera, projector and screen.

Simon and his guests are tasked with performing bespoke, experimental sets to camera, while sat at the back of the room unseen to the audience. The results are playful, highly visual performances incorporating props, live music and multimedia.

Previous guests include Adam Buxton, Kevin Eldon, Josie Long, Rob Delaney, Nina Conti, Alex Horne, Tim Key, Phill Jupitus and John Kearns.

Simon also presents solo show Simon Munnery: And Nothing But. August 6-16, 18-31, 3.30pm The Stand.


Aug 6 - Beard, Bec Hill
Aug 7 - Lolly Adefope, Joz Norris

Aug 8 - David Elms, Rob Auton

Aug 9 - Adam Riches, Gareth Morinan

Aug 10 - Bec Hill, Adam Hess

Aug 11 - Rob Auton and more

Aug 12 - Rhys James, Lolly Adefope

Aug 13 - Robin Ince, Mat Ewins

Aug 14 - Liam Williams, Luke Roberts

Aug 15 - Adam Hess, Joz Norris

Aug 16 - Rhys James and more

Aug 18 to 31 line-ups to be announced soon.


Simon Munnery is a Chortle Award winner, Barry Award winner, Sony Radio Award winner, British Comedy Award nominee and Perrier Award nominee. As recently seen/heard on Comedy Central's Alternative Comedy Experience, BBC2's Culture Show and Radio 4's News Quiz.

Simon's 29-year stand-up career has seen him regularly perform all over the world and star in several of his own major television and radio projects. He is best known for his character creations Alan Parker: Urban Warrior, Buckethead and The League Against Tedium; his genre-bending innovations such as La Concepta (an interactive conceptual restaurant show) and his TV/radio projects such as series BBC2's Attention Scum, Radio 1's League Against Tedium and Radio 4's Where Did It All Go Wrong?