Secrets of Us

  • Theatre
  • 3:45pm (50 mins)
  • 10-15 Aug 2015
  • C Venue
  • 4.50 - 9.50
Secrets of Us.

Show details

Theatre starring Kim Walker, Dan Badrick, Abi Cook, Tess Hodgson Sakamoto, Tom Elderfield, Jess Gajadharsingh, Alice Bromley, Charlie Ryan, Issy Matheson, Livvy Partrige and 6 more performed on the following days in August 2015...

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Shocking secrets and consequences of online grooming, alongside the joys and pain of adolescence unfold in this dark romantic comedy. Is this the reality of growing up in a digital world? You decide and watch as the secrets unfold before your very eyes. Jess Walters' new play is a dark romantic comedy that showcases seventeen actors whilst a multimedia, physical theatre and captivating chorus align, underpin and bring forth three complex journeys illuminating the dark potentialities of coming of age in a digital world.

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Full press release

Shocking secrets and consequences of online grooming unfold in this dark romantic comedy

Investigate the complexities of being not quite a child nor an adult, and the secrets that encompass us all. A shocking exposure about the realities of being a young person existing in an ephemeral digital world and the dangers therein. Explore the complexities of teenage life and online personas in this captivating work about the dark potentialities of coming of age in a digital world.

This Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut play from Jess Walters, a playwright for The Royal Court, Hampstead Theatre and the Birmingham Rep Theatre, was written in association with the company. A performance that combines multimedia and physical theatre in a captivating new light.

Jam Productions is dedicated to producing new and innovative work. The company aims to work with a teenage cast and crew and help them develop the skills needed to follow careers on both stage and screen. Directed by Sam Mitchell, the company is formed from some of the UK's most talented young actors.


Heather - Ellie Hardy
Oakley - Dan Badrick
Donna - Abi Cook
M (Margaret) - Tess Hodgson Sakamoto
Jim - Tom Elderfield
Lizzie - Jess Gajadharsingh
Voice of Jodie - Kim Walker
Anne (Angelina) - Alice Bromley
Mr Wheeler & Donald (M's Father) - Charlie Ryan
Julie (M's Mother) - Issy Matheson
Jaymie (M's cousin) - Livvy Partrige
Sally-Anne - (M's cousin) - Ackshana Srithar
Ben - Max Gajarhadsingh
Jack - Matt Barker
Danny - Luke Culloty
Harper-Reiss - Chloe Meeds
Allannah - Livvy Partrige

Chorus - All cast members bar Tom Elderfield.

Technical Crew

Abi Cook: Multi-media film maker/director/editor

Jack Elderfield: Senior Technician

Joe Selby: Technician

Levi Walters: Stage Technician

Corey Wilkins: Technician


Person Role
Ellie Hardy Self
Abi Cook Self
Tess Hodgson Sakamoto Self
Tom Elderfield Self
Jess Gajadharsingh Self
Kim Walker Self
Alice Bromley Self
Dan Badrick Self
Issy Matheson Self
Livvy Partrige Self
Ackshana Srithar Self
Max Gajarhadsingh Self
Matt Barker Self
Luke Culloty Self
Chloe Meeds Self
Charlie Ryan Self