For Robin Williams: A Benefit Gig in aid of Mind and SAMH

For Robin Williams: A Benefit Gig in aid of Mind and SAMH.

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Stand-up show starring Tony Law, John-Luke Roberts, Thom Tuck, Tiernan Douieb, Nish Kumar, Sofie Hagen, Trygve Wakenshaw and Alex Edelman performed on the following days in August 2015...

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276: The Liquid Rooms

Brochure note

This show was not listed in the official Fringe programme so you may not find details elsewhere.

A benefit gig for mental health charities in salute of Robin Williams. Line-up confirmed so far includes: Nish Kumar (MC), Tony Law, Trygve Wakenshaw, Tiernan Douieb, Alex Edelman, Sofie Hagen, ACMS in the guise of Thom Tuck and John-Luke Roberts, and the Weirdos collective.

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Full press release

Tuesday August 11th is the first anniversary of Robin Williams' passing. He is much missed. By way of tipping our hat to his memory, and raising money for mental health charities, comedy promoters Dec Munro [Test Tube Comedy] and Isabelle Adam [ACMS, Comedy Club 4 Kids] are putting on a big old benefit gig with the fizziest and funniest stand-ups around. At least one of whom got to gig with the man himself!

The money raised will be split 50/50 between Mind, and SAMH (the Scottish Association for Mental Health). Both charities provide advice and support for those experiencing a mental health problem, or caring for those who are; both campaign to improve metal health services, raise awareness and promote understanding. Both organisations are vital, and we are proud to support their work.

Line-up confirmed so far includes:

Nish Kumar (MC)

Tiernan Douieb

Alex Edelman

Sofie Hagen

Tony Law

Thom Tuck & John-Luke Roberts as The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society (ACMS)

Trygve Wakenshaw

The Weirdos Collective (Whose 2012 Christmas shows saw them perform Spielberg's Hook live on stage, with the award-winning John Kearns in Williams' role of Peter Pan).


Person Role
Nish Kumar Self
Tony Law Self
Trygve Wakenshaw Self
Tiernan Douieb Self
Alex Edelman Self
Sofie Hagen Self
Thom Tuck Self
John-Luke Roberts Self