Ria Lina: Taboo Raider

Ria Lina: Taboo Raider. Ria Lina.

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Ria's 2014 show School of Riason received award nominations and a commission for BBC Radio 4. This year, Ria's aiming for Comedy Central as she returns with her new show looking at modern taboos such as racism, sexism and discrimination. Are we really heading in a direction of enlightenment and understanding or back to the middle ages? Are the liberated their own worst enemies? Not for the faint of humour. 'Fearless, provocative and very funny ... wonderfully on-the-edge stuff' **** (Scotsman). '...electrified the audience with her relaxed yet biting wit' **** (ThreeWeeks).

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Ria Lina makes an eagerly awaited return to the Edinburgh Fringe, following straight on from her 2014 hit show, School of Raison, which has just received a commission from BBC Radio 4.

In Taboo Raider, Ria addresses the touchy issues in society: racism, disability, religion, body image; and asks is political correctness doing more harm than good? Witty and audacious, Ria is shamelessly angling for another commission, because who, secretly, doesn't revel in discussing awkward dinner party topics like 'do we still need political correctness?' 'Does free speech really exist?' and for dessert: 'Which is your favourite '-ism'?' Taboo Raider is not for the faint of humour.

Winner of the EMMA Award for Best Comedian, Ria Lina has been a regular on the international stand-up comedy for the past 14 years, generating a lot of love in a lot of rooms thanks to her dry wit and bawdy ukulele songs. Her 2014 Edinburgh Fringe show, School of Riason, was nominated for the Amused Moose Laughter Awards; contained one of Dave TV's Top 10 Jokes of the Festival; and was recently commissioned by Radio 4 as a half-hour special to be aired in 2016. Previous projects include her critically acclaimed shows Thpethial (2013) and It's Not Easy Being Yellow (2012), which transferred to the Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, and Singapore International Festivals. Ria also wrote for the Ladyboys of Bangkok's Fantasy &Feathers (2010) and Glamorous &Amorous (2013) tours.

Ria has appeared in the ITV2 comedy sketch show Meet The Blogs (for which she also wrote) and has written and presented her own documentary for Channel 4 revealing the truth behind the myths that surround oriental women in Britain. Other projects include Sweet n' Sour Comedy and Malai Monologues, for BBC3; The World Stands Up, for Comedy Central (USA), the Paramount Comedy Channel (UK), and the Comedy Network Channel (AUS).