2015 Edinburgh Fringe

Miss Behave's Gameshow

  • Comedy (panel show / variety)
  • 10:15pm (90 mins)
  • 6-8, 11-15, 18-22 & 25-29 Aug
  • Assembly Checkpoint
  • £8 - £15
Miss Behave's Gameshow. Miss Behave
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322: Assembly Checkpoint

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Assembly Festival


A renegade Gameshow for the austerity generation. Part game show, variety show, and disco... Important: Bring-briiiiing your phones! Expect big prizes, and surprise VIP guests in this unique strain of idiocy, fun and chaos from the award-winning Miss Behave. Aided and abetted by her very glamorous assistant, Harriet (YouTube sensation, Harry Clayton-Wright). 'Inventive, funny and shrewdly subversive of commercial entertainment. It's also utterly daft - unpretentious, unruly, uplifting' (Scotsman). 'Gameshow is a simple premise, brilliantly executed. An anarchic delight' (TotalTheatre.org.uk). #mbgs

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Press articles

Kate Copstick's nightmare last night at the Fringe

Tomorrow night, the Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards are announced at the annual two hour variety show in his memory. He drowned ten years ago, in 2005.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 27th August 2015

Malcolm Hardee Award 2015 nominees

A list of the nominees for the 2015 Malcolm Hardee Awards.

British Comedy Guide, 25th August 2015

When is a cunning stunt not cunning?

One agent/promoter was telling me he had a stunt to publicise one of his acts which he reckoned was going to put all the traffic in Edinburgh into gridlock and he was trying to persuade me this would be worthy of an increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award nomination. But this would be more likely to get the act thrown out of their venue, him prosecuted and the show loathed by locals rather than an award nomination.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 21st August 2015

Fringe bog blog, toilet humour, replacing crystal balls

Yesterday's Grouchy Club was fairly full and, on the audio recording, not perfect with the sound of a fan - well, we actually had two fans, something the Laughing Horse Free Festival is very good at providing for stuffy Fringe rooms.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 19th August 2015

Naked ballet dancers, pigeons and Egg Roulette shock

More pigeon news. On Thursday in this blog, I mentioned the tussle performer Adrienne Truscott had with pigeons inside her flat. Yesterday, Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards judge Claire Smith of The Scotsman told me she had seen last year's Malcolm Hardee Award winner Candy Gigi running out of a sandwich shop.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 16th August 2015

10 unusual Fringe experiences for 2015

From a game of Volfsball to an absurdist cookery class.

The List, 31st July 2015

Sex with Giada Garofalo. Miss Behave tries to get money

'Tis the season for jolly comedy performers to be previewing and thinking of ways to promote their Edinburgh Fringe shows next month.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 11th July 2015


Date Time Venue
6th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
7th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
8th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
11th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
12th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
13th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
14th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
15th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
18th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
19th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
20th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
21st Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
22nd Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
25th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
26th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
27th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
28th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint
29th Aug 22:15 Assembly Checkpoint

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