The Amazing Sketch Show

  • Music / Sketch show
  • 3:30pm (50 mins)
  • 23-31 Aug 2015
  • C Venue
  • 4.50 - 10.50
The Amazing Sketch Show.

Show details

Music / sketch show starring Holly Blood, Patrick Bone, Laura Deering, Katie Edwards, Carlo Palazzi, Danny Shanahan, Merrick Winter and Kasia Le Witt performed on the following days in August 2015...

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Brand new family-friendly comedy sketch show making a sensational Edinburgh Fringe debut. A collection of bizarre and hilarious new comedy sketches from the finest comedic talents at King's College London. Live music from ukuleles, bongos and singers. Don't be surprised to see tall people, short people, doctors, bacteria, opticians, professors, children, policemen, truffle pigs... in fact, just about everything we could pack into the show! Some of the funniest, silliest, and zaniest sketches to be found anywhere on this year's Fringe. Guaranteed to bring the laughter out from the most miserable of audiences.

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Full press release

A 50 minute long performance of a collection of bizarre and wacky comedy sketches, the show includes ukuleles, bongos, doctors, old people, young people, tall people, short people, seals, fish, bacteria, conkers, sperm - in other words, plenty to amuse all comic tastes.

It is written and directed by Katie Edwards, a Comparative Literature student from King's College London moving in to her second year of university, and is a KCL student based production.

Cast & Crew

Director/ Writer: Katie Edwards

Producer: Laura Deering

Bongos: Harry Bent

Ukuleles: Amany Amin, Merrick Winter

Voice: Katie Edwards

Cast: Holly Blood, Patrick Bone, Laura Deering, Katie Edwards, Carlo Palazzi, Danny Shanahan, Merrick Winter, Kasia Le Witt


Person Role
Holly Blood Self
Patrick Bone Self
Laura Deering Self
Katie Edwards Self
Carlo Palazzi Self
Danny Shanahan Self
Merrick Winter Self
Kasia Le Witt Self