Joe Wenborne: Fight Back at 50

Joe Wenborne: Fight Back at 50. Joe Wenborne.

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Fight Back at 50 is the ultimate antidote to the mid-life crisis. This show is for anyone who is stuck in a rut and wants to climb straight out. If you crave excitement and believe your best is yet to come, then come and spend an hour with successful in-demand motivational speaker and entrepreneur Joe Wenborne who will entertain and inspire you. Be defiant and push back the years, there's plenty of life beyond your skinny jeans.

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Joe Wenborne is a Radio Broadcaster, Raconteur, After Dinner Speaker and Author of new book Fight Back At 50. In this live version of his critically acclaimed self-help book, Joe takes his audience on a comical journey looking at life after the skinny jeans. Do you still crave excitement and believe that the best is yet to come? Or does the idea of the big 5-0 fill you with dread?

Fight Back at 50 is a celebration of all that is positive and funny about getting older. Expanding waist-lines, relationships, taking care of elderly parents (that drive you mad) and how to move house without the kids either realising or having any idea where you have gone... all this and more will be explored by the man who has been there, bought the t-shirt and gone back and exchanged it for an Extra Large.

This is the show to prove that 50 is nothing to be scared of and that there's lots to look forward to!

Joe has been involved in the entertainment industry as a producer, director and writer for over 25 years. He has worked with both Major UK and USA broadcasters and filmmakers writing developing and producing ground breaking productions both on stage and screen.

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  •   Big M
    Entertaining and very funny. Certainly one of the more original shows at the fringe this year.