Joanna Neary: Faceful of Issues

  • Stand-up / Sketch show
  • 7:45pm (1 hour)
  • 5, 7-16 & 18-30 Aug 2015
  • Assembly Rooms
  • 9 - 10
Joanna Neary: Faceful of Issues. Joanna Neary.

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Stand-up show / sketch show starring Joanna Neary performed on the following days in August 2015...

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The much-loved Celia, housewife and host, returns, on tour with her Toxborough Village Hall Chat Show, in aid of the Animal Hospital, for a kitten who needs an iron lung. Topical talks, showbiz exclusives, celebrity interviews - plus a local locksmith's bawdy confessions, a recipe for air soup, and a photograph of a conker. Live music from Centre-Parting Martin. 'A Joyce Grenfell of our age' (Guardian). 'Pitch-perfect' (Observer). 'Immaculate Brief Encounters parody, encapsulates a lost age of repressed passion, snobbery, lumpy marmalade' (Evening Standard). 'Inherently funny' ( 'So inspired, and beautifully executed' (Daily Telegraph).

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Press coverage

Full press release

Joanna Neary makes her highly anticipated return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year with a brand new show featuring her best-loved character, the naively optimistic Celia Jesson (a 1940's esque Housewife tackling the mayhem of modern life) as she does her best to address the top ten current issues of the day, using songs, talks, dance and her dazzling interview skills.

At last, Celia Jesson has struck out of Toxborough with her hugely successful Village Hall show, accompanied by local musician Centre-Parting Martin (previously lead guitarist for the Gaiety Player's musical The Marc Bolan Story - Star Jump to Tree Stump).

She'll be taking a long hard look at the top ten modern dilemmas, including 'Do We Need Buzzfeed?', 'What is a Kindle Fire?' and the most pressing of all, top of the charts, 'Identity Theft'. As well as Talent Spots and interviews with minor celebrities.

Unfortunately, due to a terrible accident, her co-host and husband Fred is unable to attend but Celia is determined to make the show a great success by drawing on her previous experience as a host for the Village Hall fundraiser quiz and dealing with the general public in a competitive environment, combined with her desire to become more modern and leave the shackles of the kitchen sink behind.

As a repressed Housewife, breaking free for the first time, Celia is as excited as you are to see exactly how all this pans out.

Faceful of Issues is Joanna's sixth full length Fringe show.

Her TV and Radio credits include Miranda (BBC1), Coma Girl (Channel 4), The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff (BBC2), Sarah Millican's Support Group (BBC Radio 4), Katy Brand's Big Ass Show (ITV), That Mitchell & Webb Look (BBC2), Out to Lunch ([z]BBC Radio 2]), Ideal (BBC Three) and Green Wing (Channel 4).

Expect an hour of joy, tears, hysterical laughter and a dream come true before your very eyes.