George Egg: Anarchist Cook

George Egg: Anarchist Cook.

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Stand-up show starring George Egg performed on the following days in August 2015...

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One man. One hour. Three courses. Comedian George Egg is also a fanatical cook with an anarchic approach to making meals. Finding himself dissatisfied with the quality of hotel room service while touring the comedy clubs of the world, George embarks on a project to take matters into his own surprisingly capable hands. Come see him serve up a surreal and absurd mix of stand-up comedy and striking innovation, in an unforgettable demonstration of extreme multitasking. Total sell-out Brighton Fringe 2014, Best Comedy Show nominee Brighton Fringe 2014. 'Utterly charming ... hugely inventive' (Times).

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One Man, One Hour, Three Courses
- Total Sellout Brighton Fringe 2015
- Total Sellout Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2015
- Total Sellout Brighton Fringe 2014
- Best Comedy Show - Nominee (Latest Brighton Festival and Fringe Awards 2014)

George Egg is a stand-up comedian and a passionate cook with an anarchic approach to making meals. Dissatisfied with the quality of room service food while touring the UK's comedy clubs George embarks on a project to take matters into his own hands. This is a surreal mix of stand-up comedy, striking innovation and extreme multitasking. Whilst performing an hour of stand-up comedy George prepares a three course meal using just the equipment you'll find in a hotel room. And if you want to, you can taste it at the end.

As a professional and sought-after comedian for the last two decades, George Egg has performed internationally taking his absurd brand of far-reaching humour to Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Austria, France, Hong Kong and even India, both on stage and on the television, as well as being the support act for Lee Mack, Micky Flanagan and Jack Dee.

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