• Kids
  • 10:45am (50 mins)
  • 3-9, 11-16, 18-23 & 25-30 Aug 2015
  • The Free Sisters
  • Free

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A series of ridiculous events. Love Frozen or hate it, you will laugh your stripy socks off at these two lovable clowns and their puppet rock band. Join Nicko the beardy Australian and Cat from CBBC's comedy sketch show FIT (and a brand new CBeebies show out soon) for a fun, dynamic and super-silly show. Featuring parodies of your children's favourite film moments, comedy songs, original live music and real magic, don't expect your kids to be doing nothing; they'll be saving the day! These two have entertained children for 8yrs with BBC Educational, CBBC and live performance.

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Visitor reviews

  •   Liz Casely
    Kids loved it. They were captivated the entire time which is no mean feat. Even the "I hate Frozen" 9yr old really enjoyed it. Great work and amazing for a free show. I hope people are generous with the donations. It is much better than many £6-10/head shows we saw last year.
  •   Busybee
    this is a fantastic funny and charming show. The two performers held the audience attention (adults and children) for the whole show. My 13 yr old son who couldn't see why he was being dragged there even enjoyed it laughing and giggling throughout. Well done!