ZazU. Image shows from L to R: Nick Read, Maddie Rice, Tom Machell, Harrie Hayes.

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Sketch show starring Maddie Rice, Harrie Hayes, Nick Read and Tom Machell performed on the following days in August 2014...

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zazU: the parallel universe sketch show. Created in 1857 by Tim zazU, it's a whole world with a tiny village mentality. You can only get to it by following a bee through a portal in one particular map kept in a secret Swiss vault... or by coming to see this show. New rules, new customs and a very new fashion sense. A show brought to you by Men with Fringes, featuring mythical molicorns and with a special guest appearance from humstar superstar glöcK. 'Surreal, anarchic and smart' (Live Theatre). 'Very funny' (Josie Lawrence). 'I like Ian' (Huffington Post).

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Nick Read Self
Maddie Rice Self
Tom Machell Self
Harrie Hayes Self