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Venue 178: The Beehive Inn


Situated in the Grassmarket, the heart of historic Old Edinburgh, and serving great food and drink all day long, The Beehive Inn comprises a main bar on the ground floor and a comfortable and relaxing restaurant and bar on the first floor. Our two dedicated 50-seat performance spaces, presenting some of the best home-grown comedy at the Festival, are on the first and second floors.

Shows at this venue in 2014

The Edinburgh Revue Stand-Up Show. Copyright: John Stanley Productions.

The Edinburgh Revue Stand-Up Show

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 1:25pm (1 hour)
  • 30 & 31 Jul; 1-12, 14-24 Aug 2014

The University of Edinburgh has produced Nobel laureates, acclaimed authors, Olympic athletes ... and this. Come see the 'comic talent...   Full listing

Ben Verth: Anxious. Ben Verth. Copyright: Open Mike Productions.

Ben Verth: Anxious

  • Stand-up / sketch show
  • 3.50 - 5
  • 2:55pm (1 hour)
  • 29, 30, 31 Jul; 1-10, 12-17, 19-24 Aug 2014

Hello. I'm anxious about a staggering number of things in my life. Using stand-up, sketches and film (and maybe a...   Full listing

Obie: Getting My Mojo Back. John O'Brien. Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

Obie: Getting My Mojo Back

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 3:55pm (1 hour)
  • 29, 30, 31 Jul; 1-10, 12-17, 19-24 Aug 2014

Obie is back doing the late night show at Scottish Comedy Festival, and he's on the search for his mojo....   Full listing

Jojo Sutherland - In Conversation. Jojo Sutherland. Copyright: Root Films.

Jojo Sutherland - In Conversation

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 6:25pm (1 hour)
  • 30 & 31 Jul; 1-23 Aug 2014

This charismatic comic performs in major comedy clubs across the UK and internationally where she is in as much demand...   Full listing

Aaah'm Votin YES. Bruce Fummey. Copyright: BBC.

Aaah'm Votin YES

  • Stand-up / storytelling
  • 5
  • 6:40pm (1 hour)
  • 1-10, 12-17, 19-23 Aug 2014

101 reasons to vote yes without the boring politics. A half Scottish, half African, Gaelic speaking comedian didn't know how...   Full listing

Richard Pulsford. Richard Pulsford. Copyright: MJF Film / DP Films.

Richard Pulsford

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 6:40pm (1 hour)
  • 6, 10-16, 18 Aug 2014

Fresh from the finals of the UK Pun Championships at the 2014 Leicester Comedy Festival, and the premiere of his...   Full listing

Raymond Mearns Live. Raymond Mearns.

Raymond Mearns Live

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 7:55pm (1 hour)
  • 29, 30, 31 Jul; 1-10, 12-24 Aug 2014

Keeping it real! I'm alive and well and back at the Fringe telling it like it is! A punter came...   Full listing

The Explorers Club. Copyright: BBC.

The Explorers Club

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 8:10pm (55 mins)
  • 31 Jul; 1-10, 12-17, 19-24 Aug 2014

Comedy! Exploring! Adventures! Life! Death! Other stuff! Come see the first solo Edinburgh Festival Fringe show from comedian Andrew Learmonth....   Full listing

Never Mind the Bawbags!. Image shows from L to R: Jellybean Martinez, Liam Withnail.

Never Mind the Bawbags!

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 9:25pm (1 hour)
  • 30 & 31 Jul; 1-5, 7-12, 14-24 Aug 2014

After sell-out shows over the last two years at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, as well as Brighton and Glasgow, the...   Full listing

Alan Anderson: Whisky For Dafties. Alan Anderson. Copyright: BBC.

Alan Anderson: Whisky For Dafties

  • Stand-up
  • 15
  • 10:05pm (1 hour)
  • 4-9, 20-24 Aug 2014

Globetrotting, five-star sell-out comedy whisky show. Six whiskies to be tasted, many laughs to be had. Sample malty, peaty beverages...   Full listing

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