Frank Sent Me

Frank Sent Me. Copyright: Aardman Animations.

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Underworld enforcer Howe's not afraid to die, but it would've been nice if Frank had sent someone vaguely competent to do the job. Partner in life and crime Wallace isn't doing much to ease his mind on that score, 'they made a terrible mess of the last one. First bullet only took his ear off'. A bleakly comic Ortonesque farce by Julian Poidevin, directed by Peter Darney. Winner of Writer's Avenue's Best Play Award. 'Pick of the Week' (Telegraph on Kindness).

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  •   Andy Neaves
    You really need to go and see Frank Sent Me. It was tender, sad and hilarious at the same time. The characters were totally believable . One minute I was laughing like an idiot and the next I was crying my eyes out. A roller coaster of emotions!! I loved all of the characters. The comedy side was soooo funny but the sadness of the situation got right to the heart. Well done Em-Lou Productions. A good script and very well cast.