Venue 45: theSpace @ Venue45

Shows at this venue in 2013

South Downs. Copyright: BBC.

South Downs

  • 7
  • 19-22 Aug 2013

David Hare's play is based on his own experience of being a scholarship boy at Lancing College in the 1960s....   Full listing

The Way of the World. Copyright: Zeppotron / Arlo Productions.

The Way of the World

  • 7.50
  • 12-17 Aug 2013

Widely regarded as one of the best Restoration comedies, this sharply written play entwines lovers in a tangled web of...   Full listing

A Note of Dischord. Copyright: BBC.

A Note of Dischord

  • Play
  • 7
  • 12-17 Aug 2013

Famously frenetic Fringe veterans Theatre Paradok bring the inventions and influential historical figures of the Victorian era to life in...   Full listing

Red Noses.

Red Noses

  • 9
  • 6-10 Aug 2013

Peter Barnes' utterly brilliant 1978 play, Red Noses, was first produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1985. Spanning three...   Full listing

War of the Waleses. Copyright: All Out Productions.

War of the Waleses

  • Satire
  • 7 - 9
  • 12-17 & 19-24 Aug 2013

A stylish and highly acclaimed reimagining of the split of Charles and Diana, the fall of the Conservatives amidst allegations...   Full listing