The Ineligibles - Free

  • Comedy
  • 12:15pm (1 hour)
  • 3-25 Aug 2013
  • Espionage
  • Free
The Ineligibles - Free. Copyright: Hat Trick Productions.

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A selection of comedy characters.

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Ola, rejected by celebrities, RADA and Reality TV takes to the stage to incite a 'revolution' against that weapon of mass exclusion - TV.

Joe, a Sikh Indian who keeps failing the Britishness test and keeps getting deported back to Southall, his angry about all the white people abusing India's benefits system so has devised an Indianess test to keep them out.

Diana the queen of internet dating, rejected by the red cross after 4 drowning victims refused her extended CPR, cites a fashion style as a combination of cinderella and Anne summers.

Tosan Boyo - Preisdent Obonjo of Lafta REpublic

My set combines story lines , with humour drawing on my African and British influences and the impact they have had on my life, I also talk about the stereotypes of being a Nigerian, the impact of Social media on my life. Also included in my acts are political, topical and observational comedy.

All the material by all the comics on this has been specifically written for it.