Stephen 'Friz' Frizzle: Plinky Plonker

Stephen 'Friz' Frizzle: Plinky Plonker. Stephen Frizzle. Copyright: BBC.

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Stephen 'Friz' Frizzle is going to ruin your favourite songs. Armed with a piano and a hat, he will basically rewrite tunes that you know and love until you don't want to know and love them any more. Witness his undying love for Adrian Chiles. GASP as he messes about with the Les Miserables soundtrack to make it Less Miserable. FIGHT your urge to leave as he starts crying about how single he is. It's more fun than it sounds.

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Visitor reviews

  •   Sharon M
    A brilliant hour of wordplay and musical talent. Highlights included a very interesting portrayal of Les Miserables and a hilariously accurate James Blunt impression. The inbetween banter could use a lot more work, but the songs are definitely the strongest point of this hour. Will be seeing this again with work chums.
  •   Mark Callister
    during this hour, frizz takes you on a journey about how single and unemployed he is and does parodies. there's a good take on "another brick in the wall" that was in my head all night after. v v good.