Mr Phil Kay and Thee Cameron St. Clair are: Men Utd

Mr Phil Kay and Thee Cameron St. Clair are: Men Utd. Image shows from L to R: Cameron St. Clair, Phil Kay. Copyright: Made In Manchester Productions.

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Music starring Phil Kay and Cameron St. Clair that was performed at The Voodoo Rooms at 10:30pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2013.


Two friends in harmony, great players up front: humorists comma internationally acclaimed percussionists and excellent on the grass, Cammy and Phil will create a new concept album tonight. What a match. What will the score be? Obvs we have no king press quotes yet as it's not happened. They would probably say stuff like: '...good sports' and ' ... these guys are a breath of freth air in the world of wordy, glam-skiffle nitro-soul, improv, swampy blues thrash stomps...'