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Miss Behaves Game Show. Copyright: BBC.

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A gameshow for the austerity generation. Everyone's a winner! Prizes, acts and stupidity! Tired of everything meaning something? Just want to have fun? Then look no further: we have shits and giggles galore. Sixty minutes of games, chaos, great acts, bad acts, dancing and fun. Where two wrongs can make a right. So if less is more, f*ck all is everything. Hosted by Olivier award-winning Miss Behave (La Clique / La Soiree). 'Shockingly good. Enjoy this lucky dip and forget about the double-dip for an hour' (Evening Standard). Free or buy a ticket to guarantee entry. www.pay-what-you-want.info

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Presented by Miss Behave - host and face of Olivier Award Winning world smash La Clique and La Soiree. Trailblazer of the Modern Variety scene and ground-breaking producer. This is a game show for the austerity generation. It's part Game Show, part Variety Show, part Disco... and everyone's a winner! Fifty minutes of games, acts, dancing and fun...

And phones.

In a reaction to the slick and earnest high production that populate the world of entertainment today, Miss B presents a deliberately lo-fi, silly and audience-centric bag of fun.

Aren't you tired of everything meaning something? Don't you find that the world is collapsing under the weight of people moaning about the world collapsing...? We are revelling in its demise... In the face of adversity, laugh like a drain.

Starring the good, the bad, and the absurd of Edinburgh Festival, plus an awful lot of cardboard. Come and experience a genuinely unique experience in a world of generic mediocrity.

From hit variety show The Crack to Mavericks, her cult tent in Glastonbury, to the Showzam Festival in Blackpool; Miss Behave has proved time and again to be ahead of the game as both performer and producer. She has been seen and heard by millions on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Guinness World Records, and BBCs Women's Hour and many other TV and radio shows.