Michael J Dolan: Nothing Will Ever Be Alright Again, Ever

Michael J Dolan: Nothing Will Ever Be Alright Again, Ever. Michael J Dolan.

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Stand-up show starring Michael J Dolan performed on the following days in August 2013...

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You deserve to die. We all do! But that's okay, we all will. Just not soon enough. Come and endure a comedian that only one in five people seem to enjoy, performing an even less accessible show than his critically acclaimed last one. Who says stand-up comedy can't be horribly bleak? Not for everyone, but then nothing is for everyone, that's ridiculous. 'Inherently funny' **** (Chortle.co.uk). 'A very, very funny man' **** (Skinny). 'Really, really good' **** (ThreeWeeks).

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Why does stand up have to be life affirming and uplifting? Michael J. Dolan, as heard on BBC Radio 4, thinks it can be bleak and misanthropic and still be hilarious.

Dolan is following on from his critically acclaimed debut show Dress to Depress Michael's newest festival offering will be looking at death, life and the end of the world.

Dolan's unique brand of gloomy self-exploration has led to some high profile fans "Grumpiness has never been so smart or so funny"- Sarah Millican and his last show when turned into a comedy album was voted as one of the top ten comedy albums of last year by Comedy-Review.com.

If the world really is about to end, then you could do a lot worse than spend your final hour with Michael J. Dolan.