Knightmare Live

Knightmare Live.

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Comedy starring Tom Bell, Paul Flannery and Amée Smith performed on the following days in August 2013...

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Welcome watchers of illusion to the castle of confusion. The immortal words of Treguard the Dungeon Master ring out for the first time in 20 years as he opens the doors to the world of adventure, but do you dare enter? Knightmare, the cult TV show, is live onstage for the first time and offers you the chance to don the immortal helmet of justice. Guided by two top comedians, an audience member will attempt to defeat Lord Fear's mighty dungeon in the greater game of chance. Riddles, magical characters and hideous monsters...

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"Welcome... watchers of illusion!"

The immortal words of Treguard of Dunshelm, the Dungeon Master himself, ring out after a 20 year hiatus as cult kid's TV show Knightmare comes to the stage for the first ever time at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival.

The doors to the world of adventure are open, but do you dare enter?

Hosted by a new Treguard (Paul Flannery of Rayguns Look Real Enough, "musically talented... thoroughly entertaining" Three Weeks, London Cabaret Awards Nominee) and featuring teams of top comedians as daily guests guiding an audience member Dungeoneer through Lord Fear's epic realm, Knightmare Live promises to recapture the essence of everyone's favourite pre-CGI helmet based role-playing children's television show.

The interactive cast are present as ever and feature the talents of Tom Bell of Tommy and the Weeks, ("Bell is good, he's almost supernaturally good" The Scotsman) and Amée Smith[/i] ("Top notch theatre and especially quirky storytelling" TikiChris) bring to life characters old and new to help and hinder the Dungeoneer with riddles, monsters and challenges.

But what has happened to the inhabitants dwelling deep in the dungeon in the intervening 20 years? And why is it only now that the heavy doors have once more been opened? Dungeoneers have been invited to compete in the most coveted of quests; only playing the game can answer those questions... Time turns, the path is open and the greater game returns...

The only way is onward, there is no turning back...


Person Role
Paul Flannery Self
Tom Bell Self
Amée Smith Self