In Bits

  • Music / Stand-up
  • 3:45pm (1 hour)
  • 1-3, 5-10, 12-17 & 19-24 Aug 2013
  • Finnegan's Wake
  • Free
In Bits. Steve Bennett. Copyright: Granada Productions.

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Music / stand-up starring Steve Bennett performed on the following days in August 2013...

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Steve's girlfriend broke up with him during last year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Instead of dealing with his emotions, he's written a comedy show! Break-ups are just like hangovers that follow being love drunk, and Steve knows all about hangovers: he's Irish. Follow Steve on a charming and insightful journey to find the cure for the dreaded break-up hangover, through an energetic mix of comedy, music, childish drawings and more! Sometimes poignant, always hilarious! Whether you're broken-hearted, dying of a hangover, or just ready to laugh your pants off, Steve will have you In Bits!

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Visitor reviews

  •   Gabrielle Turner
    A truly funny hour despite a tragic subject, a nice surprise to have the little songs and ditties too. Great show go see a naturally funny guy!
  •   Cigarizard
    Steve was hilarious, a must see for anyone going to the Fringe!
  •   Harriett Grove
    Naturally funny guy can see him making laugh of any situation, best free show of the fringe festival! When he makes it big I can say I was there in a room of twenty when his parents made an awkward surprise appearence! and he still killed it! got what it takes, History made !
  •   Olivia Downing
    I watched this show grow from an embryonic 5 minutes of stand-up to a fully consenting piece of comic excellence. It's an inspired mixture of puns and poignancy, sprinkled with song and served up by an endearing and wildly effervescent comedian. It doesn't matter whether you're single, a couple, (or if you're lucky enough, a triple), this is a show and a comedian that in years to come you will tell your friends you were the very first to see.
  •   Elba Gonzalez
    This guy is hilarious! I traveled to Galway, Ireland this summer from Mexico, to study for a month, and I can say that Steve's show was one of the highlights of my trip. Can't wait to see him again!
  •   Trine Berg
    Absolutely hilarious, loved his show!