Benny Davis: The Human Jukebox

Benny Davis: The Human Jukebox. Benny Davis. Copyright: BBC.

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The Axis of Awesome's Benny Davis will music at you like mad in his break out solo show! His technical mastery, mind-blowing skills, and patented musical satire, strung together in a showcase of his 'phenomenal talent' (Scotsman). From the street corner to the stage, Benny goes from a lowly busker to a DJ with a twist: songs played live and they're chosen by you. Come along and name a song: if he's heard it he can play it. The Human Jukebox at your service. 'Benny is a freak ... I envy his ears' (Tim Minchin).

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The Human Jukebox is the hardest working DJ around. Who says a live musician can't do what a DJ does? Everything is played and recorded LIVE. Those DJ's who think they're too good to play the songs you want to hear? They're not good ENOUGH!

Keyboard virtuoso and vocalist Benny Davis of The Axis of Awesome fame breaks out in his exceptional solo showcase of musical satire and technical ability - performing live any song chosen by the audience.

From recording tricks with his loop pedal to dubstep wubs and dubs performed with his keyboard, cross-mixing, genre covers, mash-ups and every other DJ trick in the book - he can recreate it all live on stage.

Forget DJs hitting play on their pre-recorded mix, or harmonies created with the push of a button.

Benny Davis is The Human Jukebox.

Along the way you'll learn how Benny built up his mind-boggling knack for replicating hits, starting with his humble beginnings as a busker on the streets of Sydney's clubbing district. As he introduces each element of his skill, he delights and amuses with his unique take on the world of music.

Benny has performed to sold-out houses and appeared extensively on TV worldwide, including Comic Relief and Comedy Rocks with Jason Manford. He has performed alongside Tim Minchin, Ray Romano, and Paul Reiser to name but a few, and is widely recognised as a talent not to be overlooked.

His first solo Human Jukebox YouTube video quickly became an internet sensation, amassing over a million views in a week. It's now well over two million, and counting.