Comedian? No. Just Italian

Comedian? No. Just Italian. Antonello Taurino.

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Comedy starring Antonello Taurino performed on the following days in August 2013...

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How to go beyond stereotypes in a country where reality is funnier than jokes and comedians become prime ministers (and the other way round)! Marvel at 'the silliest jobs in the world' or 'the worst gaffes ever committed'. Taurino is a multifarious actor (funny while acting drama, serious while working as comedian, but these are details), and one of the stars in the most followed Italian TV shows. After Berlusconi's electoral successes, he decided to leave, performing all over the world and asking for political asylum. Be careful: unwittingly you could become part of the show!

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Visitor reviews

  •   GirlwithEdinburghTattoo
    Only 18.15 but after a day of sitting in clammy, cramped and frankly whiffy underground hovels belonging to pubs I gave up going to years ago decided to make Antonello Taurino in Comedian? No, just Italian last stop of my Free Fringe day. What can one say about him? Quite manic in a kind of Roberto Benigni way. I was expecting the material to be Berlusconi political but emphasis was more on the Church and poking fun at an Italian Stallion persona. I would say more interesting than laugh-out-loud funny with mad dives into fantasies populated by Jesus, Freud and Dante. However he gets my daily prize for being the most laid back re monetary donations at the end. Also saying: 'Tell your friends if you liked me, tell your enemies if you didn't!' Undeniably Italian and just ever so slightly bonkers.