Alistair Green is Jack Spencer: Sex Addict

Alistair Green is Jack Spencer: Sex Addict. Alistair Green. Copyright: Objective Productions.

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Satire starring Alistair Green performed on the following days in August 2013...

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Join stand-up and nearly famous media personality Jack Spencer as he discusses his devastating sex addiction, global politics (time permitting), and performs extracts from his (potentially) award-winning one-man play. 'Undiscovered genius' (Guardian). 'Clearly has all the skills to go far' ( 'Deserves to be seen' (ThreeWeeks).

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Join narcissistic, celebrity obsessed, sometime stand-up comedian Jack Spencer as he describes his painful and devastating sex addiction and how he courageously recovered from it.

Celebrities have built careers on the back of their redemption from various vices; alcohol, drugs, fluctuating weight loss/gain, or in Jack's case the most contemporary first world problem of our age, sex addiction. Like a self pitying X Factor contestant, Jack views himself as a brave victim worthy of sympathy and adulation for overcoming his 'devastating affliction'. Through the use of personal diaries, a performance of his one-man play, and reading from various new age / spiritual self-help books, Jack details his 'spiritual journey'.