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A A and A Free. Copyright: Peter Rogers Productions.

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Stand-up show starring Russ Haynes, Joe Bains and Mawaan Rizwan performed on the following days in August 2013...

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The Immigrants are: Russ Haynes is a young handsome deaf comedian who just wants to hear the sound of laughter before he dies. Is prone to slight exaggerations and misleading statements, pounders about life as a near deaf person can. Joe Bains, a sick indian, manages to stowaway to swissland attached to a truck containing radioactive waste, will try to create laughter by staring with his 3rd eye. Mawaan Rizwan: Hairy London comedian. talks about the devastation of Internet stardom and how getting 15million views on YouTube has reduced him to tears, amongst other things.

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Russ Haynes Self
Joe Bains Self
Mawaan Rizwan Self

Visitor reviews

  •   David Smith
  •   timmy abbros
    I was expecting a lot from this show due there excellent poster I was not disappointed. 4 comics did a bit each all very different from each other. There was a young boy who did not look younger than 15 which funny enough he address. He clear did not have a lot of experience but he had charm. The next comic was an Indian comic who did some bollywood dance force members of the audience to join in. It was fun but again the comic lack experience but I guess you have to start somewhere. The whole show was kept together by You tube star Malumtv. He kept the audience entertain and showed us how to Tweak. Very funny and a welcome change. The last comic just name Russ who obviously was the most experience of the comics. A funny opener and loads of subjects he moved. Ranging from sexism, homophobia and racism. Finish of with funny advice for us young people. For a free show I want expecting much but you can see they put a lot of thought in there show. I highly recommend it. Great funny and sometimes thought provoking.