We Should Get A Boat Present: Sherlock Holmes The Return Of The Hound

PBH's Free Fringe 2012.

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Comedy musical thriller. A quick fast and funny spoof. Find out how Mrs Hudson copes as crisis escalates and Lestrade battles with the evil villain Moriarty.

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Visitor reviews

  •   tania
    What a wacky show, its like marmite ...... and I loved it. A strange looking bunch who had me giggling just looking at them . A man dressed as a women a police officer and a northen Poet all trying to find out what happened to a fluffy cat. Bizarre, funny and very entertaining I found myself trying to sing along to the songs and could not get a couple of them out of my head all evening. This is def worth giving up an hour of your time to see and to quote one of there songs ...Don't knock it till you've tried it :)