Tim Honnef: Life

Tim Honnef: Life. Tim Honnef.

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Stand-up show / storytelling starring Tim Honnef performed on the following days in August 2012...

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'Poetic, funny, sweet, unique and wonderful' (Tim Honnef's lego), 'an unguided missile, you never know what happens next' (Tim Honnef's playmobil), 'raw' (Dinosaur Rex), 'clean up your room, you tw*t!' (Tim Honnef's dad). Tim Honnef is 21. Tim Honnef is Dutch. In 2011, he won a Dutch comedy award and published a book of short stories, poetry, jokes and thoughts. Audiences and press label him as 'a little bit strange'. His girlfriend labels him as 'mad sexy'. Come and judge for yourself, come and see Tim Honnef - Life. A show about growing up, fearing death and trying to find out what's most important in life. About being scared and feeling loved. Sweet and tender but also dark and strange. Stories, jokes and poems in a show about growing up and feeling alive.

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