The Society of Ethical Cat Burglars

The Society of Ethical Cat Burglars. Copyright: BBC.

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Play starring Fiona Stewart that was performed at theSpace Jury's Inn at 6:05pm for 50 minutes, on the following days in August 2012.

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260: theSpace Jury's Inn

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When three respectable professionals decide to spice up their evenings with a spot of breaking and entering they get more than they bargained for. Join Edinburgh-based Foolproof Theatre on an excursion into the uncharted territory of extreme lifestyle tourism where the vicarious thrill of observing how the other half lives comes at an unexpected price. This thought-provoking comedy with a twist by Fiona Stewart will leave you laughing, locking your windows and looking over your shoulder to check if there's anyone watching. Foolproof Theatre is part of Foolproof Creative Arts.