Songs In The Wrong Key

Songs In The Wrong Key. Stephen Frizzle. Copyright: BBC.

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Music starring Stephen Frizzle performed on the following days in August 2012...

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Stephen 'Friz' Frizzle is going to ruin your favourite songs. A master of parody, he will reword pop classics to make them better. Or worse. ("Extremely Talented" - Adam Kay, Amateur Transplants)

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Based in Newcastle, Friz has been ruining your favourite songs for years. A master of parody, he will take to the stage with rewritten funny versions of your favourite tunes to make you laugh out of your face-holes. He invites you to Songs in the Wrong Key, an hour of songs featuring topics such as undercooked chicken, fighting zombies and the love of Adrian Chiles.

"Extremely talented" - Adam Kay, Amateur Transplants

"Delightful" - Peter Serafinowicz

"A British entertainer in the finest tradition" - Simon Donald, The Viz

"If all music was as funny as Friz, Top of the Pops would still be on telly - a very very funny bloke" - Patrick Monahan

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