Square Eye Pair

Square Eye Pair.

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Theatre starring Eli Matthewson, Hamish Parkinson and Elise Whitson performed on the following days in August 2012...

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Winner, best comedy, 2011 Auckland Fringe Festival. What happens when bromance gets in the way of romance? Square Eye Pair is the story of a bromance between two telly-obsessed best friends. Friends since school, Richard and Max now live together, spending most of their time glued to the screen. This is the story of what happens when you start looking for something more. For anyone who owns box sets of Friends, Seinfeld or has been poked on Facebook. 'Genuinely funny and unpretentious' (Rhys Darby).

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Are you addicted to your television? A new piece of modern comedy that takes a nostalgic journey through your favourite television shows of the past 30 years.

This is the story of Richard and Max, two bromantic mates whose friendship revolves around their mutual, all consuming love of television. However, when Richard starts searching for something more than late night binges of fizzy-drinks and Mortal Kombat they start to drift apart.

Will Richard and Max be able to repair their fractured bromance or will love and life get in the way? Square Eye Pair are Generation slacker, channelling comedy for the Flight of the Conchords generation.

Awesomeness Comedy are Rhys Darby and wife Rosie Carnahan. For four years they have focussed on bringing the best of the world's stage to New Zealand. Now they are flipping it over and bringing the best in Kiwi comedy to the Edinburgh Fringe. Team Darby cherry pick exceptional shows that make them laugh and that they think should be seen by the world over.

After seeing the show at the Auckland Fringe Festival in 2011, where it won Best Comedy, Rhys and Rosie were taken by the exceptional comedy acting they saw. They took on the role of surrogate parents and mentors to these young actors.

"I was excited by such a great show, world class performances and how genuinely funny and unpretentious they are as performers. I am even more excited that the wider world audience will see the next generation of NZ comedy take on the world" says Rhys.

Square Eye Pair is written and performed by Eli Matthewson and Hamish Parkinson. They are joined onstage by Elise Whitson. Eli and Hamish met as improvisers at Christchurch's Court Theatre prior to the devastating earthquakes that hit the city and decimated the theatres and the city. Eli and Elise are currently at drama school in Auckland, New Zealand.


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