Nish Kumar - Who is Nish Kumar?

Nish Kumar - Who is Nish Kumar?. Nish Kumar.

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1. A stand-up comedian. 2. One half of acclaimed sketch duo The Gentlemen of Leisure. 3. A 'rising star' (TimeOut) who is 'ludicrously charming and razor sharp' ( 5. A British Asian. 6. An idiot. The answer is all of the above. A stand-up show about being proud of your roots and ashamed about everything else. Praise for the Gentlemen of Leisure - ***** 'gloriously entertaining' (Scotsman). **** 'a comic force not to be ignored' ( 'Highly skilled writing - touched with genius' (Guardian). 'Intelligent. Cultured. Literate. I laughed anyway' (Emo Philips).

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Who exactly is Nish Kumar? Is he:
1: a stand up comedian
2: one half of acclaimed sketch duo The Gentlemen of Leisure
3: Host of Fat Tuesday ('One of London's Best Comedy Nights' Time Out) and cult comedy lecture series PLEB Talks.
4: A British Asian
5: An arsehole

The answer is all of the above. This is his solo Edinburgh Fringe debut that will answer the question that is on your lips because you just read it a second ago. The short answer is Nish Kumar is a British-Asian idiot, who remains fixated by Jimi Hendrix, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and books. He has pursued a number of ill-advised ventures, including taking a DIY approach to self-defense, living next door to a drug dealer and going to see the film "Shame" with his dad. The show will examine wider issues of identity and explain what being British-Asian means to him, and why that seems to have irritated some politicians, his peers and drunks at bus stops. An exploration of the tension between pride in your roots and shame about everything else.

Nish is one half of critically lauded sketch duo The Gentlemen of Leisure who have delighted audiences all over the UK since 2010, including two hugely successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe. In April 2012 they masterminded a site-specific comedy tour of the British Museum that sold out within 20 minutes of going on sale. Nish first came to the Fringe in 2006 & 2007 as part of the Durham Revue (4 stars - The Scotsman). In 2008 he was part of Coolfun, a mixed bill acclaimed by Josie Long as "four of the most exciting comedians around", and in 2009 he was a core cast member of The Invisible Dot & Mark Watson's masterpiece The Hotel. As well as the Gentlemen of Leisure show in 2010, Nish also hosted his own stand-up half hour, featuring various rising stars including Daniel Simonsen, Josh Widdicombe, James Acaster and Dan Atkinson.