A Brief History of Timelessness

A Brief History of Timelessness.

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Spoken Word starring Matt Welcome performed on the following days in August 2012...

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Why it's always NOW everywhere! In this free show Matt Welcome comprehensively proves that TIME doesn't even exist... or your money back.

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Albert Einstein thought Time might be a 'Persistent illusion', but did not explain how.

In these live talks Matt Welcome uses his stand-up comedy experience, combined with clear and colourful PowerPoint slides, to present an engaging talk that wraps this question up completely, and proves that Time does not exist at all!

This is far easier said than done, to show how the universe really is Timeless, these talks fully re-explain why we think we can see the Past but not see the Future, and just what these 'things' really are. What our 'memories' really prove, and what they don't prove. What it really means to be late, or early, and how we can age and die, all without Time.

Why the experts may mistakenly assume that Time Travel is possible, and has even happened, and how Einstein's famous theory of Relativity is both right and wrong.

The show concludes by explaining just what Timelessness means to our personal, daily, lives and with a chance to ask any questions you can think of about Time or Timelessness.