Fat Whore

Fat Whore. Kristine Levine. Copyright: BBC.

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Stand-up show starring Kristine Levine performed on the following days in August 2012...

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Thirteen years as a Portland, Oregon sex shop worker has taught mother of three Kristine Levine several things including: how to quickly dispose of a dead body, some sights can't be unseen, it probably goes in your bum. Doug Stanhope says, 'Most comics use things like rape, abortion or child molestation as punch lines, Kristine uses them as jumping-off points and all the stories are true. Absolutely one of the funniest people I know'. This show blends comedy, reality, family and yes, porn - all with perfect balance. Lucky crowds will have their sensibilities challenged and happily bruised.

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  •   FunkyChicken
    So far, this show has had me laughing harder than any other at the festival - my sides literally ached at the end! Kristine works amazingly with the audience, and her blunt openness about the sometimes very dark times in her life gives the laughter even more impact. Her very American style won't suit everyone, but she's been described as " a cross between Lenny Bruce and Roseanne Barr" - so if that's your thing, this woman is perfect. Afterwards, I wanted to hug her, buy her a pint and talk about porn all night long.